Art has the power to heal, inspire and transform

As a social enterprise of Denver’s established nonprofit The Gathering Place, Art Restart was created to provide healing, inspiration and financial support to women experiencing homelessness in Denver. A portion of every art purchase results in a royalty check to the artist, with the remainder of the proceeds invested back into programming at The Gathering Place.

Since its launch in 2014, Art Restart has generated $263,000 in revenue for The Gathering Place and $15,000 in royalties for more than 40 artists.


By providing creative materials and a safe place for women artists to hone their craft, Art Restart empowers its members to create supportive relationships and build confidence toward a path of self-sufficiency.


Art Restart strives to bring validation, dignity and financial independence to artists who are seeking ways to improve their quality of life. The purpose of this enterprise is to inspire and transform the lives of women affected by homelessness through artistic license.

Celebrating Partnership

Art Restart & The Gathering Place

As an entity of The Gathering Place, which provides basic needs and services to women, transgender individuals, and their children experiencing poverty, Art Restart has already established community connections and resources throughout the Denver area. By providing supplies and a safe environment for artists to connect and create, members of The Gathering Place are given the opportunity to improve their quality of life by developing confidence for self-sufficiency through artistic medium.

Founded in 1986, The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, transgender individuals, and their children who are experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. While we refer to those we serve as “members,” no fees are ever charged for programs or services.

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It is through our partnership with The Gathering Place that Art Restart’s mission has been brought to life and made a true impact on our community.”

Teresa Densmore

Director, Art Restart

The Art Restart Studio


Our fully equipped art studio is a relaxing haven where our many members can access the tools needed to express themselves through their creative talent.


Our 1000SF studio accommodates 3 staff, many volunteers, and up to 20 artists every week.


Our studio has been running for over 20 years!

Well Equipped With Supplies and Conversation

The Arts Program at The Gathering Place consists of:

  • The Card Project
  • Open Art
  • Fiber Arts (Knitting and Crochet)
  • Writers’ Group
  • Art Restart