And the Winner of the 2019 Trout Tank Is….

Any new business in search of funding needs a pitch. This pitch explains what problem the company is solving, who they help, and what they need from investors. Even though these seem like simple tasks, the journey to an expertly crafted and presented pitch can be bumpy, and that’s where Trout Tank comes in.

“The Denver Metro SBDC created Trout Tank in order to provide pitch training and exposure to Colorado’s entrepreneurs. Through the Trout Tank: Pitch Accelerator, entrepreneurs will perfect their pitch and gain the skills they need to secure funding. This training culminates in the Trout Tank: Pitch Event where the top businesses pitch for the lending, investing, and business community.”

Art Restart jumped at the opportunity to participate and took full advantage of the perks! We joined a group of 12 creative and passionate companies, each starting out and eager for help.

The whole experience consisted of multiple rounds over more than a month. It started with an initial pitch without any guidance. When compared to the final pitches, the first round was… not perfect. From there, mentors guided everyone in not only content and slide creation, but also how to present to an audience. Our big take away was go slow. Always – go – slow.

After that, another round of pitches, these much better from the last. Judges selected five companies that would move on to the final round and receive private counseling on pitches. This counseling was provided by Professional Communicators. They listened carefully to the full Art Restart pitch, then dived in. They proceeded step by step to finesse the wording, cut certain sections, reorder others, and add dramatic pauses.


Before you know it, Art Restart is alongside four other businesses, pitching in front of over 100 Colorado entrepreneurs, investors, lenders, and business leaders at the final event.

The result? Art Restart is the winner of the 2019 Trout Tank!

The victory came with a certificate and plenty of follow-up questions from everyone in the audience, including investors. Art Restart is grateful for the opportunity and thankful for the win. We feel more ready than ever to continue growing Art Restart and successfully help the community.

“So with that, please join us on our journey to help our artists find their purpose, and make our community a more beautiful place. Thank you.”

Art Restart is currently accepting investments, gifts and grants. Please contact us at for more information.

Art Restart Trout Tank Pitch

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