A visit to HCC August 31, 2015 09:20

On Wednesday, August 26th, a group of artists from The Gathering Place arrived at the History Colorado An AR artist sketchingCenter to view the exhibits and spend time in the fabulous Colorado museum. Armed with sketchbooks provided by Steve, our Arts Program Manager, the artists roamed the museum, which focuses on life in Colorado along with special rotating exhibits. In the Destination Colorado exhibit, one of artists, EHS, walked slowly through the reproduced kitchen of a Colorado home in 1910s while her two young daughters opened the wood stove door. Another artist sketched a delicate ceramic pot in the Living West exhibit, her fine pencil tracing the lines of a pot created by ancient Colorado residents. Many of our artists sat in reflection in the vast, four-story atrium, resting their feet and taking in the beauty of the architecture of the building.

This trip will be, we hope, the first of many partnerships with Denver agencies that allow our member artists to experience a popular facility and take in inspiration for their art. The HCC visit is, in fact, the beginning of a very beautiful partnership between Art Restart and the HCC gift shop, which will feature a line of cards inspired by Colorado and the museum starting in late September, just before the launch of the new exhibit on homelessness, opening November 2015.

These collaborations are a great way for our artists to visit places that they might not otherwise ever see. In addition to the price of admission, which is often far beyond the scope of anything our members might be able to afford, visiting a museum requires transportation, another costly consideration. For this visit to HCC, TGP provided our members with bus passes and a sack lunch.

History Colorado reveals the rigors that early Coloradoans needed to survive in harsh landscape. However, many of the women at The Gathering Place continue to experience hardships beyond the comprehension of many of us. The visit to HCC was not only pleasurable, it was informative, revealing that as our ability to live in this landscape improves, we must look not only to the past, but to those who are often marginalized and ignored, in order to make sure that beautiful Colorado is a safe place for everyone.