The Importance of Art Restart August 12, 2016 14:49

Hello! I’m Teresa, Director of Art Restart. You may have seen my press release from the 6/21/2016 blog posting. I’ve now been part of The Gathering Place team for two months and I am even more excited to be here than when I first started!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve met and talked with many of our artists who create the beautiful art for Art Restart cards. I’ve worked with an artist who was commissioned to create art for a Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships invitation, an artist whose art was selected to be displayed on the front cover of the July issue of Denver Urban Spectrum, and I’ve seen women receive royalty checks for their art they’ve created.

I’ve seen so many successes in these past weeks!

But underlying the successes, I’ve heard the stories of struggle and seen the tears of sadness of women trying to overcome their circumstances.

I’ve already learned so much in my time here. Most importantly, I’ve learned how important Art Restart is for our artists. Not only does it allow our artists to earn an income, but it provides an opportunity for them to engage in a creative outlet, to focus on creating beautiful art. It offers a chance for them to place their mark upon The Gathering Place, our customers and our hearts.

Art Restart allows our artists to be who they are now and also provides a path to who they want to become. 

Teresa Densmore, Director of Art Restart