Holiday Season at TGP December 21, 2018 09:00

Winter is traditionally a busy time at The Gathering Place -- it’s cold outside and members need a warm place to stay during the day. Additionally, the holiday season can be stressful or sad, there's a pressure to provide gifts, sometimes members need a little more medical assistance during the winter, and it all piles up fast. TGP and Art Restart are here to support the members with all of those potential problems and help create a little holiday cheer in the space.

Beyond the foundational needs of Denver women experiencing poverty, we also think it’s important to provide holiday activities that encourage community building and fun. These activities range from helping the staff decorate with lights and garland, to watching carolers, eating special holiday meals, and of course, creating holiday themed artwork and cards!


The art studio is busier and filled with a little more excitement and anticipation this time of year. Our members are keenly aware that their loyal fans wait all year to purchase the cards and art products they design to send to loved ones for the holidays. Beyond that, they’re excited to share their stories and grow the customer base so that they can sell more art and earn more money for their well being. That’s why they can be found in the art studio almost every day.

Each open art or card project session, the artists enter the light filled studio and start to work on new designs and old favorites. They create traditional artworks specifically for Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year's, but there are also seasonal images. Winter wonderlands, playful snowmen, warm woolen mittens, snowflakes, and more adorn the walls of the studio. Lined up to dry, one can see all of the hard work and passion that goes into each and every 4 x 6 inch artwork.


Looked like a lot of cards left up to dry? Well, the holiday bins are also chock full of cards! Beyond that, each artist that participates in The Card Project or Art Restart has her own bin to fill with cards to select from.

No matter what you’re looking for in a holiday card, it can be found at The Gathering Place and Art Restart. The members appreciate your donations and purchases more than you may know. Every purchase equals a check for the artist and funds going back to TGP in order to spread the holiday cheer and keep art programs going.


Happy holidays!