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Press Release: Teresa Densmore June 21, 2016 11:30

Contact:         Deb Radman
The Gathering Place Appoints Densmore to Head Art Restart
TGP’s Social Enterprise Features Original Art and Greeting Cards
DENVER, June 20 – The Gathering Place (TGP) has named Teresa Densmore as Director of its social enterprise, Art Restart.  Art Restart provides customizable greeting cards with unique art created by members of TGP who are experiencing homelessness and poverty.
Densmore has worked for over a decade in the nonprofit sector and knows firsthand the challenges that nonprofit organizations face. Having recognized how business concepts can be brought to bear on these challenges, she invested in an MBA, concentrating in Nonprofit Strategy and Operations. “I am eager to use my skills to continue building The Gathering Place’s social enterprise program,” says Densmore. “I’m passionate about working with our artists and supporting them as they use this opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives.”
According to many experts, most social enterprises and even small business start-ups struggle to reach immediate profitable growth.  Art Restart was profitable from the start, increasing net profit by 61 percent by the end of its second year of operation.  Even more important, says TGP President, Leslie Foster, “Participating artists not only earn income, but they also are learning how to produce commercially viable artwork.
“The social enterprise business model is helping us generate revenue and is demonstrating that non-profits can build a sustainable future,” she continued.  “At a time when accountability is severely-challenged, Art Restart proves that we can positively impact the lives of those we serve, help fund TGP’s mission, and be true partners with our sponsors and donors.  But that’s not all,” Foster says.  “We are also providing the public a simple way, through the use of socially responsible greeting cards and direct mail, to engage and support the homeless. “  
About The Gathering Place
TGP created Art Restart as a social enterprise to provide its members with opportunities to earn money and to build earned revenues.  For 30 years, TGP has offered essential resources and personal growth programs to women, children, and transgender individuals during the day.


Art Restart’s Success Story April 07, 2016 11:56

50% of small businesses and social enterprises struggle to remain viable after their first year, yet Art Restart, the social enterprise of The Gathering Place, has grown over 61% since inception.[1] Social enterprises are revolutionizing the way business is done and changing the way that nonprofit organizations approach sustainability. Moving beyond corporate social responsibility and community initiatives, social enterprises work with and for the community to address a common need, answer a problem, and create a stable funding stream for nonprofit organizations.

In the case of The Gathering Place TGP, we approached the creation of Art Restart as a social enterprise to help provide our members with opportunities, to stimulate attitude change in the community about homelessness, and to establish mission-supporting income from bulk greeting cards sales.

Art Restart Objectives and Outcomes:


  • Goal: Build gross revenues of $55,000 by second year of operation.
  • Outcome: Generated $70,000 in gross revenue in second year of operation.


  • Goal: Enable an online eCommerce platform (fulfillment, catalog of designs, bulk orders).
  • Outcome: Launched new website September 2015 with robust eCommerce platform, online fulfillment, full catalog of customizable designs, and bulk ordering availability.

Social Mission

  • Goal: Help members gain self-confidence and self-sufficiency.
  • Outcome: Participating artists not only earned income (five of our artists earned royalties exceeding $400 each), they also learned how to make commercially viable artwork.


  • Goal: Facilitate an alternative means for businesses to support the organization through marketing budgets.
  • Outcome: In less than two years, more than 60 businesses, individuals, and organizations have purchased cards from Art Restart.


  • Goal: Leverage TGPs assets (business relationships, talent of members, community reputation).
  • Outcome: Many of the organization’s stakeholders supported Art Restart - additionally, many new clients that had never previously supported TGP became donors, volunteers, or purchased tickets for fundraising events.

Art Restart, now going into its third year of operation, is a creative way for businesses to demonstrate a commitment to being socially responsible while directly helping women in need.





[1] The Limits of Social Enterprise: a Field Study and Case Analysis. Seedco Policy Center. June 2007.

Art Restart Holiday Cards Designed by Women in Need Still Available for Season’s Greetings December 14, 2015 12:53

Art Restart still has holiday cards available for companies and individuals to send season’s greetings to friends, families, clients and customers. The original art for these custom cards is created by women who are members of the Gathering Place and are experiencing poverty or homelessness.

L.A. Jennings, Director of Art Restart, says, “The Art Restart program gives homeless women the ability to use their talents to begin to rebuild and restart. As Art Restart artists, they receive royalties when their art is chosen by companies and individuals, while the rest of the proceeds from each sale go back to the Gathering Place to assist with the furthering of programs and services.” To place an order for cards this year, Jennings urges interested parties to contact her at or to order online at

Companies like RE/MAX are using Art Restart cards as a demonstration of their commitment to corporate social responsibility: “For the past several years, we have been honored to support The Gathering Place through the Art Restart Program by sharing the beautiful artwork of their members with thousands of our Associates around the world.  Our friends, family and co-workers appreciate the personal touch in each card and in knowing that we are helping our community.”

- Gail Liniger, Mike Reagan of RE/MAX, LLC.

Art Restart was conceived to develop new revenue streams to support the vitally needed services The Gathering Place provides. “It is a creative way for businesses to demonstrate a commitment to being socially responsible and directly help homeless women and children,” says Jennings. “Our portfolio of design is limitless and we make sure that our women artists can earn money to help them put their lives back together and get on solid ground financially and emotionally. “

Through Art Restart, The Gathering Place licenses artists’ designs and sells them for commercial applications and usage. Each artist who participates, receives a percentage of the profits from commercial sales. The benefits of this effort accrue to helping homeless women get back to a place of feeling self worth and economic stability.

Art Restart seasonal cards are available year-round including Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, birthdays, and even wedding packages. For more information, go to or