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Change is in the Air! August 17, 2018 12:01

Art Restart welcomes a new team member this month, Kierra Aiello, Business Development Associate. Kierra will be focusing on social media presence and business expansion so that we can help even more women with art opportunities and product royalties. Make sure to look for Kierra at Art Restart pop-up shops around Denver, and come introduce yourself!

Every change in the workplace, including bringing on new employees like Kierra to help, can create stress and high levels of emotion in the workplace. For this reason, we wanted to share “10 Tips for Dealing with Change Positively in Your workplace.” The article focuses on strategies to navigate transition periods and fear with a smile on your face (or at least without letting anxiety get the best of you).


Some of our favorite tips:

“3. Confront your feelings and seek support.”

We love this tip because it’s used every day by the wonderful women at The Gathering Place. Art Restart seeks to help develop a community where TGP members and employees alike can fully recognize their feelings and receive the support they need.

“5. Be flexible and embracing of change.”

Accepting an environment of change can help to relax the situation. This sense of calm can then be transferred to people in the same work environment or our loved ones so that everyone feels more comfortable. Even the way things change can change, so it’s good to remind yourself and others to limber up and stay flexible!


Read “10 Tips for Dealing with Change Positively in Your workplace” by Ban Weston, and leave a comment on this page to let us know your favorite tip! 


How Art Relieves Stress November 21, 2016 07:15 1 Comment

If you know any artists, or are an artist yourself, you’ve probably heard them explain that completing a project feels like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. For many people, creating art provides a release that can feel physical and emotional. 

The Journal of American Art Therapy Association recently published an article titled “Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making.” The study discussed in the article found that even if you have little to no artistic talent or training, forty-five minutes spent creating art decreases stress. 

Four times a week, members of The Gathering Place have a creative space to hone their skills and decrease their stress. Walking into the art room, artists throw themselves into creating and are able to put everything else aside for a few hours. Steve Hartbauer, the Arts Program Manager, teaches techniques and manages the creative outlets at TGP.

Their cards and triptychs relieve their stress and TGP provides a place for them to sell their art. The walls display framed artwork created with water color, acrylic and every other medium you can think of.  Every time I walk into the art room, my stress is immediately relinquished. Being around the artists is calming.

I’m sure you’ve felt this when you’ve walked into a gallery showing, or spent the afternoon in an art museum. Appreciating others’ creativity is almost as relaxing as creating art yourself.

If viewing art in a gallery makes you feel at peace, creating a gallery wall in your home, or sending a piece of art in the mail, could have the same affect.

Today, the artwork that makes me feel at peace is Colorado Dreaming by WA. Displaying this card in my home or sending it to friends and family this holiday is a way to share creativity and promote stress-free moments.