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Painting Possibilities Recap August 11, 2017 10:24 1 Comment


Last Wednesday, Art Restart had our debut art exhibit at Fascination St. Fine Art in Cherry Creek North. We spent months planning for the event and were supported by local business. Without the support of local businesses, we couldn't have pulled it off--there were many details they stepped up to help finalize. 

One of the details we had to work out was transportation to and from the gallery. Teresa connected with Ambassadors Car Service a few weeks prior. They donated their car service for the evening. Our driver arrived in a luxury SUV to take all of our artists to the gallery. The artists were impressed with the service as they got in and were offered waters. Ambassadors Car Service made sure our artists got home safely. Our driver even took the time to appreciate the art before taking them home! 

The second detail we had to work out was food. I called restaurants and sent donation request letters, but I wasn't having any luck finding someone who could donate food for the event. Teresa visited with restaurants in the Cherry Creek area to see if we could partner with them. When she went into Sol, they were excited about the event and offered to provide appetizers for our guests. 

I've saved the largest detail of the evening for last. During the months leading up to the event, Aaron LaPedis, owner of Fascination St. Fine Art, showed his support for Art Restart, The Gathering Place and our members. It seemed like every time we met with Aaron, he offered us more. Normally, the gallery takes a commission when art is sold, but Aaron donated his space and time for Painting Possibilities. He also took care of having the artwork framed. With the donation of the space and the frames, we were overjoyed, but Aaron also contributed to the artist prize and took care of many details from beverages to curating a guest list and advertising the event. The event could not have happened without Aaron's support. 

Ambassadors Car Service, Sol and Fascination St. helped ensure that the event was not only a success for Art Restart, but for the artists. Each artist was presented with new possibilities that night. 

Because of donations, we were able to award a prize to first ($250), second ($150) and third ($100) place artists.

Our first prize winner was SAM. Sharon had two pieces at the gallery: The Old Denver Clock Tower (oil and acrylic featuring blueprints of the clock tower) and Lookout (burlap and pencil). Both pieces sold that evening.  

Our second prize winner was LDT. Darlina had two pieces at the gallery: Soul of the Earth (oil) and Searching for the Eyes of God (oil).

Our third prize winner was NSF. Nikki had four pieces at the gallery: Cat, Blue Dog, Birds and Owl (studies of animals in marker, colored pencil and crayon). Owl sold that evening. 

We also had two gift cards to award to artists. Sevilla (SS) and Vanessa (VDC) both received $50 gift cards to Michael's.

Sevilla had two pieces at the gallery: Two Birds in Paradise (oil and acrylic) and Buena Vista (oil and acrylic). Buena Vista sold that evening.  

Vanessa had one piece at the gallery: Home (oil and acrylic). Home sold that evening. 

Our first art exhibit, Painting Possibilities: An Evening of Art, was successful. We've already started talking about making this an annual event.

Look for more art exhibits from Art Restart in the future!