When One Learning Opportunity Ends, a Door to More Free Resources Opens August 30, 2018 12:23

As a partnership between The Gathering Place and the Art Students League of Denver comes to a close, some members may seek alternative ways of advancing their knowledge of art outside of weekly open art sessions in the studio. “10 Art History Classes You Can Take Online (for Free)” by Abigail Cain, outlines some of the best, free resources to learn a bit, or a lot, about art history.

The Gathering Place offers members as many resources as possible to succeed, whether that be childcare assistance, hiring events, or art classes. This summer, members who went to open art in the studio were lucky enough to learn print making techniques such as monotypes. A partnership with the Art Students League Denver enabled an instructor to meet with members each week throughout the summer. The result was the creation of many exciting prints left out to dry every week.

Women at TGP were able to make prints like these throughout the summer with the help of the Art Students League of Denver.


Now, it’s up to members and anyone who has the motivation and desire to take matters into their own hands and expand their knowledge of art history!


Ever wonder what the difference is between modern and contemporary art? There’s a class for that.

Want to learn more about the paintings in the Louvre Museum? Don’t worry, there’s a course for that too.

Interested in learning more about photography beyond Facebook and Instagram? They’ve got you covered!


Courses range in difficulty, from those designed for beginners to full college level courses that offer certificates for an additional fee. Many of the classes involve video lectures and demonstrations. For full participation, however, students are encouraged to follow links to articles relating to the artworks and artists. A variety of resources like this can lead to higher success rates!

Not only can art history be engaging and interesting, but learning to analyze artworks and understand the foundations of master artists is also crucial to developing as an artist. Whether you’re in art school or sitting at home participating in these online classes, when you study the history of art, you enter into a powerful legacy of academics and artists that understand the importance of art to any and all cultures. Art Restart hopes you take advantage of some of the many wonderful and free resources available to grow your understanding and love of art.

Did you end up checking out any of these free online courses? If so, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment!