Our Artists: VEC

VEC has an admitted "love affair with color." Her art takes inspiration from the West with scenes suffused with color and vibrancy. VEC's art became a more stable part of her life when she began participating in the Card Project at The Gathering Place eight years ago. "The Card Project provides inspiration and structure for me as an artist, where I was once very unproductive and unruly. I became inspired by the environment of artists. The Card Project validated my desire to make art. I now take myself seriously as an artist."

VEC is a formally trained artist who is able to render romantic, classical images in her own way that reflects her internal landscape. She began her exploration of her creative nature at the urging of her grandmother and mother who gave her a pair of manicure scissors and a Sears & Roebuck catalog, telling her to cut out images to make her own toys. Today she considers herself the end result of a child having been nurtured to create. The embroidery thread she uses on her moving images belonged to her grandmother, more than 60 years old.

View her work on the personalized greeting cards below:


Union by VEC

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