Face Painting – Members Learn Portraiture with ASLD

Thirteen members at The Gathering Place have the amazing opportunity to take a 36-week course taught by The Art Students League of Denver. Every six weeks, the instructor and art method switches, giving the members knowledge of a variety of studio art practices by the end of the course.

Recently, the teacher instructed members in the art of painting a portrait with oil paints. For those who may not know, oil paints are the favorite medium of many painters, from Renaissance masters to leaders in the contemporary art markets. Oil paints allow the artists to create any color they wish, paint glazes, scrape off areas that need to be repainted, and create a noticeable texture by painting with thick layers. There are many pros to using the medium, but since the paint is oil based, it provides new challenges, and clean up can be painful.

Two artists paint a live model in the art studio at The Gathering Place.

Becoming confident and fluid with the medium is one thing, learning the ins and outs of capturing a person on canvas is another.  Before and as the artists painted, the instructor covered important knowledge points. These included proportions of facial features, specifics of how faces tend to change with age, the colors needed to mix a skin tone, and much more. Artists attempted to recreate the essence of the live model by reproducing details on canvas and creating a “feel” with the use of color and composition tools.  The artists learned so much and developed many skills that can now be used to create more portraits in a variety of media.

Though artists painted the same model, each has their own style, leading to incredibly unique artworks.

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