Goodbye and Good Luck, Leslie Foster!

After nearly 30 years of dedicated service to The Gathering Place, Leslie Foster has retired.

Leslie started as the President of TGP in 1990. At that time, the organization had an operating budget of $200,000. It was under her leadership and guidance that TGP was able to grow into its current $2.5 million budget and help hundreds of community members in Denver.

Throughout that journey, members and staff alike knew that Leslie was always available to talk. She touched the lives of many of the members, and saw their children grow into adults. Even as president of the organization, Leslie made time to work the front desk multiple times per month. It was through this that she could meet new members and truly experience every facet of the institution.

Last week, members and staff had the chance to celebrate the great work Leslie completed and wish her all the best in retirement. Ice cream, live music, and friends filled the party! The staff and board wished her well by not only dedicating a bench on the rooftop, but also creating a “Leslie Foster Day’ that will be recognized by the city of Denver, and promising to complete a mural at TGP in her honor. In addition, everyone who wished had the chance to reminisce on her leadership and thank her for the work she did every day for the community. Though many members knew her personally, some of the speeches that stuck out were from women who were new to TGP. Without ever meeting her, they stated that Leslie’s work in the community saved them. Leslie created a safe place in the heart of Denver for women, children and transgender individuals.

TGP will feel Leslie Foster’s presence at for many years to come. Now, however, we look to our new President, Julia Stewart, to lead us into the coming years!


To learn more about TGP’s new president, read “The Gathering Place Announces New President” on the TGP blog.

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