New Journal Designs are Here!

Art Restart recently added three new designs to our all-star lineup of journals. Now, you have nine stunning designs to choose from, including Moonlight by SF, Tye-Dye by KC, and Moo-Over by SAM.


Each Art Restart journal is a work of art in itself. The covers are soft and velvety, featuring beautifully colored reproductions of artwork created at The Gathering Place. On the inside cover, space is dedicated to telling you a bit more about the artwork or artist, and it also leaves room to include who the journal belongs to. The page opposite has a full black and white reproduction of the artwork featured on the cover, a nice touch before you jump into writing.

If you love the feel of new, high quality paper, these are the journals for you. Forty-eight pages of lined, creamy white pages, smooth finish, acid free, and 70 lbs. weight. The paper of dreams, really.

Now, on to the new designs:

First, a long time Art Restart favorite, Moonlight by SF. We featured this particular artwork on scarves and prints for some time, but it is new to the journal family. When she is at The Gathering Place, SF enjoys creating calming scenes, which this work perfectly exemplifies. A full moon shines through blossoming tree branches to reveal dappling purple and blue light. We recommend making a nice cup of tea, and sitting down in the evening to record your daily happenings and future plans. Take a deep breath, and remember to take breaks.

A brand new design to the Art Restart repertoire is Tye-Dye by KC. This swirling, abstract scene is full of movement and bold color. Deep greens try to take over, but patches of penetrating blue, vivid yellow, and touches of orange and purple come through to grab your attention. This journal is perfect for activate note taking, schoolwork of all kinds, and keeping track of new ideas. Take a seat, and dive into these rich colors and your thoughts.

The final new journal is from one of Art Restart’s most popular artists, SAM, and features a new artwork that we are sure will quickly become a favorite. Moo-Over is a wonderfully lighthearted scene of a cow munching on some grass. This, however, is not your average cow. This cow is pink and blue with white markings on its face and nose. A pink tongue sticks out to grab bits of grass, and in the original artwork, SAM attached real bits of dried grass! The cow looks out at you with big, doe-eyes, and how can you resist? Make Moo-Over your writing companion to help you celebrate victories, give thanks for the small things, and stay moo-tivated.


Each journal purchase supports the artist that designed it, as well as continued programming at The Gathering Place. Your socially conscious purchasing makes a difference in the community, so keep in mind that Art Restart journals and other gifts make excellent gifts for friends, loved ones, clients, and future customers. View and purchase journals here, and cruise the rest of the Art Restart website to find cards and our complete line of products.







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