New Product: Scarves

Our scarves have been a customer favorite since they launched, however, there was room for improvement. We received some customer feedback suggesting that our scarves were a bit too large and the white edge around the print wasn’t ideal… so we listened and changed it!


Now, our scarves are sleek, 36 x 36 inch squares. The size is incredibly versatile for a variety of ties! Check out some of these options.

They are made from ploychiffon material. It’s a 100% polyester blend that has a thin and silky feel. Perfect for accessorizing any outfit.


We’re also mixing up the designs a bit. All of your favorites, such as “Blue Two,” “A Calm Retreat,” and “Denver Dawn,” and we shouldn’t forget “Fireweed,” “A View of City Park,” and “The Glades” are still available.  However, we are also adding “Purple Abstract,” a new design by SLM. Everyone could use a bit more color in their lives, and these scarves are the perfect way to do it!


When you purchase through Art Restart, you’re helping members at The Gathering Place. One of 8 artists receives money from each scarf purchase. For some, this may be their only income, and for others, it can be a needed bonus during the holiday season.

Support Denver women in need and get a new, fabulous scarf in the process. All artwork is produced by members of The Gathering Place, and the purchases you make with Art Restart keep art programs and a variety of other support going. We appreciate everything you do for us, and thank you.


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