Our Mission is our Artists

Our Artists come from diverse backgrounds and for varying reasons have found themselves experiencing poverty or homelessness. Though their stories are all unique, they are unified through their love of art.

Many didn’t think of themselves as artists before Art Restart, but through the support and confidence that the program provides, they have begun to see themselves in a different light.

While each piece of art is uniquely inspired, all of them offer an unobstructed window into the intrinsic beauty and hope in the artist’s hearts.

Featured Artists

Cards: Fall 1 by SALASSALAS produces a wide variety of cards and enjoys experimenting with images, themes and styles. She gets inspiration from the many books she enjoys at the library, where she volunteers regularly. For SALAS, Art Restart provides her an opportunity for self-sufficiency and focus.

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Cards: Winter Stream by CLMCLM couldn’t imagine anyone would pay money for her cards, but it didn’t take long before compliments flowed her way from other artists, The Gathering Place volunteers/staff, and customers. Her delicate, miniature images of wild animals, birds, families and landscapes are highly coveted by those who purchase her work.

View her work »

These are just some of our artists. All have powerful stories to tell and all of our women have incredible talent. We hope you agree and choose to stay connected through products from Art Restart.

Your Support is Vital!

The Gathering Place is experiencing a demand for services greater than ever before. By choosing to buy cards from Art Restart, you are supporting services and programs that help meet basic needs and encourage personal growth and self-sufficiency in our community.

Learn more at: www.tgpdenver.org.