The Art Restart Story

The Gathering Place (TGP) was founded in 1986 to give homeless women, their children and transgender individuals in Denver a safe place to go during the day. 30 years later, TGP is now the only daytime drop-in shelter offering services to this community. Those who seek assistance from The Gathering Place have access to a wide range of programs and services that meet basic needs, foster personal growth, and build community.

As part of our mission to motivate and assist these individuals in becoming self-sufficient, Art Restart was launched in 2014 as a Social Enterprise to give these women an opportunity to express themselves artistically while working toward their own financial independence. Art Restart provides members with the support and supplies they need to create their own art. Select pieces are then turned into custom merchandise from which the artists receive a royalty on every purchase made.

The origins of our program began in holiday and greetings cards serving as a socially conscious sentiment for friends, family, colleagues and clients. We are proud to have expanded our line into scarves, calendars, postcards and more. Depending on the product sold, artists receive between 5-50% royalties on every transaction. The remainder of the proceeds are reinvested back into TGP to help make the free services we provide to our members possible.


Learn how Art Restart specifically benefits The Gathering Place here