Try Peeking into some Denver Galleries This Week

Wanting to try something new this week? Check out some of the many amazing galleries Denver has to offer!

As the art scene in Denver continues to grow, it is quickly becoming a favorite gallery location for visitors and locals alike. All kinds of art, from historic works on paper, to modern paintings, contemporary sculpture, and everything in between is available across the city. Though most locations sell artwork, they are also open to anyone who wants to experience the art they have to offer whenever their doors are open.

You do not have to be an art collector or avid buyer to go in and appreciate what galleries have to offer. In fact, most of the company you’ll encounter in galleries is there simply to appreciate art. Many locals and tourists simply like to tour the various art districts to see what is up and coming in the art world.

An increasingly popular social art events in Denver are First Friday Art Walks. On the first Friday of every month, Denver galleries are open late and encourage everyone to pop in and see what they have to offer. Groups of friends, couples, and anyone looking for art are out listening to street performers and peaking inside galleries. (Pst! Sometimes they even entice people inside with free snacks and drinks!)

If you find yourself in a gallery and have a question, feel free to ask gallery attendants or owners. They are passionate about the artwork and often have fun anecdotes about the artists that they love to share!

If you are looking to purchase artwork, they are also happy to discuss that process. Some works are part of a show, and therefore you may be asked to leave it hanging until the exhibit has ended. Others are available for purchase at any time! Make sure to ask before taking an artwork right off the wall or pedestal, but often it can be packed up for you right away. (Art makes great gifts! *hint, hint*)

For free art viewing experiences, one can never go wrong with visiting a variety of galleries. Neighborhoods such as Santa Fe, RiNo, and Golden Triangle have developed art walks that encourage patrons to stroll, view, and have a great time. All galleries have regular hours that can be found online, and if you’re looking for something more specific, it is sometimes better to research which galleries have what you’re looking for and go from there. Whatever your preference, we encourage you to open your mind to the variety of local and international artwork available in Denver.

Going out to galleries not really your thing, but you still want to support community arts in Denver? Don’t worry, Art Restart will be waiting at with a variety of artistic products that help Denver women experiencing poverty.


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