Your Continued Support Means Less Doubt and More Confidence for TGP Members

The holidays are over, and many things are beginning to calm down or settle in, but that isn’t necessarily the case for members of The Gathering Place. Housing, health, and steady work can all present challenges no matter the time of year. If things aren’t fully in order, it can mean gathering the family and braving the cold weather in search of options.

At The Gathering Place, women, children, and transgender individuals have a safe, warm place to stay during the day and resources that can help change situations.

Assistance with housing placement and available toiletries equals

less nights in shelters,

less days without basic hygiene products,

less time not knowing where to sleep next week or next month.


Mental and physical health support can result in

less years without a mammogram,

less questions from a child about tooth pain,

less time wondering if therapy could help make positive changes.


Access to computers, classes, and job fairs can mean

more hours employed,

more money for groceries,

more time spent earning and less time spent searching.


Every Art Restart purchase helps individual artists and all other members at The Gathering Place. Less questioning what’s next and more confidence in the future.

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